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The Economist Guide to Business Modelling

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The Economist Guide to Business Modelling Third Edition

By: John Tennent and Graham Friend

Price: £25.00
ISBN: 1846683831

This definitive guide to creating business models is now in its third edition and is widely used to evaluate opportunities ranging from a modest business proposal through to a major project.

In a complex world where firms face a variety of strategic and operational choices, spreadsheet models are a crucial support in evaluating business decisions. A Business model allows you to test a variety of assumptions and scenarios, and the modelling process itself helps to develop a clearer understanding of the inherent pattern of relationships between the variables and the likely outcomes. Ultimately, it is the judgement of the decision-makers that is crucial - but a well designed business model is essential in supporting the exercise of that judgement.

This book is aimed at both those who are business modelling novices and those with considerable experience who are keen to improve their business modelling skills. It covers every aspect of the process: defining the model structures and outputs; building the model components covering all the factors that you will or may need to take into account; testing and debugging the model; and, finally, exploring scenarios and using the model to help you come to a business decision.

For anyone who wants to evaluate the potential of a business project or investment, this accessible and practical guide, full of easy-to-follow examples, will prove invaluable.

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